10th January 2019
We regularly find something in the room that the guests have forgotten. Sometimes it is valuable and then we call the owner what we have to do with it. 
Sometimes it is not valuable and then we throw it away or we keep it for a few weeks and then give it to a second hand store. 
We collect a lot of stuff and last week we found a very sad little bear missing his owner, an E-reader that is still to be picked up, glasses and a car.
hotel deventer
The things we found this week.

Happy New Year!! Dec. 31 2018: In the first instance, I would like to thank our hotel guests for the beautiful year 2018. And of course all partner who helped and cooperated such as the employees, suppliers, the neighbours and everyone I have forgotten. I hope that in 2019 we many people will find Deventer and our hotel again. We will, as always, do our very best to make your stay as pleasant as possible. According to Garfield, the future looks promising and let us toast to it. Cheers!!

happy new year


This is what de owner, Peter, likes: running. He wants to improve his PR on the 10 km on 30 Dec. 2018. Wish him luck.

And he did it. New PR to beat in 2019 37:47 min.


The 12th Brink to Brinkloop is a loop over a calibrated 10 km course. The start of the course is on the Brink in Deventer and the finish is 
on the Brink in Bathmen. This loop symbolizes the connection between Bathmen and Deventer. 30-12-2018 Deventer