Bergkwartier Deventer and Dickens Festijn in Deventer

Thanks to its picturesque appearance, the Bergkwartier attracts tourists to the city and takes place annually in December the Dickens Festijn. Here you will also encounter the medieval Sint Nicolaas – or Bergkerk and the great Synagogue. Nowadays, shops are located in the Walstraat with a specialist offer. There are more than 900 extras and it is the largest Dickens Festival in the Netherlands.


Deventer on Stilts.

This festival takes place in the first half of July and the performances can be seen throughout the city. See Deventer op Stelten.

Because of the monumental inner city, the performances get something magical, something surreal. Very spectacular and very suitable for families.



Deventer op Stelten


Book Fair

The Deventer Book Market is the largest in Europe with 900 stalls along the IJssel and in the city center. No less than 6 km long books, books and more books. And every year a very valuable book is also found that will be the main prize at Kunst en Kitsch. So for a bookworm this is the Walhalla and for a collector utopia. Look here for more information. The range varies from children’s books to poetry, from literature to comics and from books about sport to history. In 2014, the Deventer Boekenmarkt received the Boudewijn Büch Prize, because it has been interested in the antiquarian and second-hand book for more than 25 years.

For more information see:  Boekenmarkt Deventer 

For an impression of the atmosphere, see:Boekenmarkt video 

Boekenmarkt Deventer