Best guest,

I worked at large international companies in the manufacturing industry until I was 42 years old. I have always been able to do this with a lot of passion and joy and as a commercial manager I have been in many countries. At one point I found it enough and wanted to do something else. From an early age I wanted to have my own company and in 2010 I took the situation to make serious work of it. Hotel de Vischpoorte was for sale and I took over in 2010. I also had an idea how to run a hotel in a different way than the standard hotels. After all, after years of many trips and hotel rooms in and out, I did have some experience. Always stay the night in that standard single or double room with that tiny TV screwed somewhere against the ceiling and the kettle with two bags of instant coffee on the desk. That can be different.

Hotel de Vischpoorte is based on the offer of such a fully equipped accommodation for an ordinary hotel price. In other words, we offer more hotel room for the same price.

We mainly focus on obtaining a high occupancy rate. Many hotels look at the revenue per room and want to maximize this. Every night again. We do not do that. We just want the rooms to be occupied and if that succeeds well, we also earn something.

We can only achieve a high occupancy rate by giving our guests a pleasant stay at a reasonable price. This brings them back and it gives us a lot of goodwill. The result is good word-of-mouth advertising and that is still the best way to advertise a company like mine. Of course we also participate in the digital violence Google but try to limit this as much as possible.

This allows you to make free and unlimited use of WiFi, coffee and tea. We do the check-out efficiently; you can leave the key in the red mailbox in the hall. We have an extensive selection of free TV channels and the mini bar prices are low. Most rooms have a complete kitchen so you have the choice to cook for yourself or to eat out in one of the excellent restaurants near the hotel. If you arrive late, do not worry. We have a night safe on the wall in which we then do the key. So you do not have to rush and you do not have any stress.

At the moment we have 13 apartments: 3 studio apartments, 2 multi-room apartments, 1 Luxe IJssel Suite and 1 Luxe IJssel Penthouse, Luxe IJssel Torenkamer and 2x Bed and Breakfast de Vischpoorte.

Our newest addition (summer 2017) was the New Market 12 with a Family Apartment, a Luxury Apartment on the ground floor with a small garden and a Studio with Roof Terrace ,. Sit outside when the weather is nice.

All rooms or apartments are different in size and price range so that you can decide for yourself which suits you best.

In recent years we have achieved an average rating on the internet of 8.6. We are very proud of this and try to keep this up and where possible to improve it. If you want to help us with that, we will be happy to hear your comments!

If you read this during your stay, we wish you a pleasant stay and otherwise we would like to welcome you.

With warm regards,

P.J. van den Hengel

Owner Hotel de Vischpoorte