The monumental city center of Deventer.

The Inner City of Deventer is actually one big museum with all its historic buildings. The monument density is one of the highest in the Netherlands. The districts that are most visited are the Brink, the large central square with its markets, the picturesque Bergkwartier with its small old streets that take you back to the Middle Ages. And the beautiful Noorderberg district on the IJssel river with its Lebuïnus church, town hall, new library (2018) and Filmtheater (2019).

– De Brink with the WaagBüchermarkt
– Bergkwartier                
– Noorderbergkwartier 


Noordenbergkwartier Deventer:

The Noordenbergkwartier is a residential area in Deventer. Near our hotel the Vischpoorte.

The owner Peter van den Hengel also lives in this district. We also have apartments that belong to our hotel in this district. It is a nice neighborhood to walk through. Make a walk complete? We sell the guide ” Wandel Dapper ”. With descriptions and inspiring walking route. Also nice to give as a present to a walker.


Deventer Cookie store:

” Cookie and Deventer belong together ”

Deventer and cookie are inexpensively connected. The link between a delicacy and a city is nowhere as prominent as in Deventer. Visit the Bussink Deventer Cookie store at Brink nr. 84 and taste the unique taste of Deventer Cookie. You can also find the Deventer Cookie back at our hotel. In the form of small packaged bees at the reception and in the breakfast room.

Deventer Koek
Deventer Cookie


De Waag, 5 minutes away from the hotel.

De Waag is located in one of the oldest daredevil buildings in the Netherlands.

De Waag is an image of the city, located at the Brink in Deventer. The Waaggebouw has three floors, a staircase tower, a clock and three spiers. The Waag function disappeared in the 19th century. Since 1915 it has been a museum / exhibition space.


Lebuïnschurch, the neighbor of the hotel

The Lebuins or Big Church is a gothic hall church that was established between 1450 and 1525.

The church was richly adorned with wall paintings and was full of holy statues and altars.

This Catholic pomp came to an end in 1580 when the Calvinists took possession of the church and renamed it Grote Kerk. That is why on this day the church has two names. The interior was seriously destroyed during this takeover and white plastered. The traces of this can still be seen today.

Nowadays the Lebuïne church does not only serve as a church. It is used for events, weddings, theater, concerts, room hire and so on.

Take a look at the website for current events:



Davo Beers:

The only real beer brewer of Deventer with tastings and of course delicious beers.